A Simple English Learner Who’s Got Wonder Dreams

English Learner

English Learner

English Learner

His name is Park Sae Ik, He is a 15 year old Korean student who lives with his parents and older brother in their humble home near the mountains. They have a small farm for their cattle. Sae Ik is just a simple boy who dreams high to be able to help other people who are in need someday.

He’s an English Learner in LLS for quite sometime now besides his academic school in Korea and has moved up to lower advance level. In fact, he’s been joining monologues and other English competitions in school. He also represents his school to compete against other schools. He writes very well in essays and yet still continues to work very hard to improve more in English.

Helping People by Studying English

His dream is to become a lawyer someday and to help people who are not so lucky to pay for a good lawyer. He also aims to be, not just a regular lawyer but he wants to be a great and just lawyer to bring honor and dignity to the law.

This is the main reason that is why he studies hard in English. This kind-hearted boy wants to speak for the poor and defend their rights.  He also seeks to be a prosecutor someday if he will excel and be lucky enough in his chosen field. He wants to attain all his dreams mainly for giving extra hand to people who are unfortunate in seeking for justice.

Learning English is His Major Tool For Success

LLS supports his selfless dream of becoming a lawyer and to help poor people someday. If being able to communicate in written and in oral English very well is one of the major tools for him to obtain his future degree, then Listen, Learn and Speak Online English Proficiency training Center will continue to teach him with perseverance and consistency as we always do with all our students.

We are proud to have Park Sae Ik as one of our determined students in learning and improving not only for himself but for the welfare of others. He is truly an amazing simple English learner who’s got wonder dreams.

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