Why ESL Online is The Most Efficient Way to Learn English

ESL Online

ESL Online

ESL Online

English proficiency provides an edge for many non-native speakers in any profession, whether in their own country or abroad. Thus, many of them continually take lessons at different kinds of English schools, for many years. However, the most convenient, inexpensive, and easily accessible way is to opt for ESL Online centers.

ESL (or English as a Second Language) training is a huge industry in non-native English speaking countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Russia, and many others. Using innovative technologies for online ESL such as Skype, dedicated videophones, and others provide the much needed convenience for millions of people around the globe.

Both teachers and students can even have lessons at the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, this kind of online service makes them less expensive than the classroom-style schools, which costs 3-5 times more. Some schools even follow flexible schedules, which mean that they can choose the time when they can take or conduct lessons throughout the week.

Learn Various Lessons in English Via ESL Online

Various lessons are offered, and teachers can readily access online materials, according to the student’s capabilities and needs. Grammar lessons are given to beginner and intermediate students, facilitated by various online ESL resources. Listening exercises are also given, to train the sharpness of a student’s listening skills. Pronunciation drills are ideal for people with prominent accents influenced by local languages, and difficulty in enunciating certain syllables and words.

Article reading with discussions are ideal for intermediate to advance students, to practice their conversational skills, pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence constructions. But of course, FREE TALKING is the best for already fluent speakers who just want to maintain their English skills. Moreover, some English schools even offer reviews for English tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS etc.

Why ESL Online is Rapidly Growing

English is a language increasingly needed by all nations and cultures, as globalization occurs in all parts of the world. Education will continuously be revolutionized to answer the evolving needs of man, including basic human functions such as language.

Therefore, Contact only LLS (Listen, Learn and Speak) Online English Proficiency Training Center to learn English fast. Rest-assured that the teachers are highly trained and experienced. Achieve your dreams by learning how to speak English and earn respect where ever you may be. All you need is your computer, your microphone and a webcam then you’re ready to go. Learn English proficiently from the best ESL Online training center at the convenience of your own home!

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Online English – A World of New Beginning

Online English

Online English

Online English

Nowadays, many professionals are being laid off from their jobs because of the disaster that global recession has caused. Many companies have closed down which left employees wondering where they will get the money to feed their families. For those who were used to a bountiful living, this kind of situation was something hard to accept. Unfortunately, this situation has no immediate solution… until, the unification of English language and internet came. This was the birth of Online English!

The widespread use of the English language has posed a threat to the countries that do not use the language as the major mode of communication in their countries. It is in this light that some companies have created online schools that are aimed to teach ESL (English as Second Language) to anyone who is willing to learn the language.

Online English Opens New Opportunities

The creation of these online academies does not only help promote the language worldwide but it has provided a steady stream of employment opportunities for those who can speak the language well! Learning and teaching English are not enough to battle the problems caused by recession, but at least new opportunities are born. Moreover, these opened the possibilities for a non-English speaking person to learn the language even without leaving their homes.

EFL (English as a Foreign Language) jobs can be applied to by anyone who can communicate well both in written and in oral English  However, there are more opportunities for someone who has completed a TESOL course. TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language is a type of certification that seekers of English jobs need to obtain in order for them to be able to get ESL jobs that require a higher level of education. Some online academies that cater to the needs of big companies require this certification from their teachers. This is not a prerequisite to all the teachers but if one is decided to make a career out of this TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) online jobs, he has to consider completing certification.

Online English – Beneficial Effects to Students & Teachers

Teaching English as a second language has the potentials of being a very lucrative job for someone who has the skill in the language. There are lots of online English academies that are looking for qualified people to teach students from all over the world to speak English and to train them to use the language properly. For most unemployed people, the teach-English jobs that have been introduced may be the answer to their needs.

Teaching English is a skill that is of great importance. The dedication to students’ language learning is usually very much appreciated and accepted. Teaching people and helping them improve their language skills leave a feeling of satisfaction on the part of the instructor as well. This leads to a kind of self worth, affirming that the teacher has played an important role in the transformation of an individual.

Teaching TEFL courses and lessons online has its rewards on the part of the company instituting it, the teachers employed and the students who enrolled in the program. It has also paved the way for the world to unite under one language – English.

However, be sure that you only learn from the best. Contact only LLS (Listen, Learn and Speak) Online English Proficiency Training Center and to speak English fluently. You may also email us at: listenlearnandspeak@ymail.com. Teachers are highly trained and experienced so rest-assured you’ll be able to achieve your dreams in learning how to speak English and have the chance to use it where ever you go! Learn English proficiently from the best Online English Training center at the convenience of your own home!

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A Simple English Learner Who’s Got Wonder Dreams

English Learner

English Learner

English Learner

His name is Park Sae Ik, He is a 15 year old Korean student who lives with his parents and older brother in their humble home near the mountains. They have a small farm for their cattle. Sae Ik is just a simple boy who dreams high to be able to help other people who are in need someday.

He’s an English Learner in LLS for quite sometime now besides his academic school in Korea and has moved up to lower advance level. In fact, he’s been joining monologues and other English competitions in school. He also represents his school to compete against other schools. He writes very well in essays and yet still continues to work very hard to improve more in English.

Helping People by Studying English

His dream is to become a lawyer someday and to help people who are not so lucky to pay for a good lawyer. He also aims to be, not just a regular lawyer but he wants to be a great and just lawyer to bring honor and dignity to the law.

This is the main reason that is why he studies hard in English. This kind-hearted boy wants to speak for the poor and defend their rights.  He also seeks to be a prosecutor someday if he will excel and be lucky enough in his chosen field. He wants to attain all his dreams mainly for giving extra hand to people who are unfortunate in seeking for justice.

Learning English is His Major Tool For Success

LLS supports his selfless dream of becoming a lawyer and to help poor people someday. If being able to communicate in written and in oral English very well is one of the major tools for him to obtain his future degree, then Listen, Learn and Speak Online English Proficiency training Center will continue to teach him with perseverance and consistency as we always do with all our students.

We are proud to have Park Sae Ik as one of our determined students in learning and improving not only for himself but for the welfare of others. He is truly an amazing simple English learner who’s got wonder dreams.

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The Benefits of Learning English Online

Learn English Online

Learn English Online

Learn English Online

One of the greatest skills you can develop for yourself in the business world today is the ability to speak English. There are so many countries that use English in communicating to do business with other foreign countries. It is seen as a common language throughout the business world because it is easier to learn and it is known as our international language. It will help you strengthen your career so chances are, you will be on your way to success that is why it is absolutely vital to Learn English onlineThis is the fastest and most effecient way to study the language.

When you study English online, you are giving yourself a better chance of learning quickly and easily. You interact with your trainer and converse in actual English. What sets this type of training apart from others is that you use a webcam, so you actually can see how the instructor opens his mouth and pronounces each word. As everyone knows there are words in English that could be difficult for a person studying, so it can really help the student to see how they are said.

Study English Online Efficiently

Another great reason to study English online with a live instructor is because they are able to use cool websites that are really useful and most of it are interactive. They also are beneficial in helping you learn how to pronounce the words, and more over, in improving your grammar. It really is like having your own personal tutor in your home or office. The only difference is that it is a lot cheaper and the instructor typically is not in the same country where you’re at.

Furthermore, studying English online with an actual instructor will keep you motivated through difficult periods in your lessons. Many people who try to learn other languages simply give up when they struggle because no one is there to push and help them through it. By having a trainer, they will be able to focus on the parts which they are struggling at so rest-assured that the students will definitely be driven to learn every step of the way.

Choose The Best Online English Training Center

Michael Angelo Villanueva is the Founder of Listen, Learn and Speak (LLS) Online English Proficiency Training Center that helps a variety of clients around the world improve their English. All English lessons are via online and conducted with a headset and webcam in real time with a qualified Filipino English language trainer. Please visit at: www.ListenLearnAndSpeak.WordPress.com today to learn more about how LLS can help you learn English online.

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All About Online English Training & What You Will Learn

Online English Training

Online English Training

Online English Training

Online English training is one of the best, if not the best way to learn English efficiently in this modern era. You will improve your conversational and listening skills. You can do this from home or at work as long as you have your computer and good internet connection. The classes for learning English are on a one-on-one basis, which means you will be given a chance to study and focus very well. It also gives you the chance to get to know your teacher and allow them to cater to your needs in learning. Your classes can be arranged depending on you and your teacher’s availability.

You will touch different topics on your online English training classes. Working on these elements will allow you to build and improve your conversational skills. You will be able to study various aspects in English such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, pronunciation, listening, accentuation, speaking etc. Learning these things can definitely help you when you travel for work or leisure and speak with different nationalities. Working diligently will have great results. In order to become fluent however, you must practice speaking and listening very well. Students can improve fast and efficiently, but both the teacher and the student must work hand in hand.

Online English Training Will Absolutely Help

Practicing your pronunciation and accentuation will help to effectively communicate with others. These two elements are very vital and also these are two of the main areas that you will work on with your teacher during your online English Training. Remember that when you are studying to learn English, you should strive hard in order improve fast. Your teacher will help you accomplish this but the student’s cooperation is very vital. As you work on this, you will eventually succeed in mastering all aspects but as we have mentioned, this has to go hand and hand.

During your English class, you will also work on your comprehension skills. You will do this by free talking with your teacher. This will allow you to use everything you have learned. You will have your freedom to use your vocabulary words you have learned, construct your own sentences on the spot and grasp the questions that will be thrown at you by your teacher. Doing this on a regular basis will polish and sharpen you and will absolutely make you sound more natural.

Online English Training is Fun and Exciting

Your coaches will also provide tests for you. These tests are based upon your lessons and lectures that you’ve gone through. Taking these tests will allow your teachers to evaluate the level of your comprehension. However, although classes will really be intensive in order for the students to learn effectively… it will also be fun and interesting because the teachers are not just there to teach but they are also there as your friend. So, expect a fun, social conversation as well, for this is also a good way to practice your conversational and listening skills.

Always remember, go always with the best and stick with the service that will deliver consistently and efficiently. Contact only LLS (Listen, Learn and Speak) Online English Proficiency Training Center to speak fluently and sound natural in English. Teachers are highly trained and experienced so rest-assured you’ll be able to achieve your dreams of learning how to speak English and have the chance to use it where ever you go. All you need is your computer, your microphone and a webcam then you’re ready to go. Learn English proficiently from the best Online English training center at the convenience of your own home!

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